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Vehicle inspections

If you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle or are about to hit the open road in used vehicle you have recently purchased, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting what you bargained for. As an RACQ approved automotive repair centre, we remove any doubt and provide you with ultimate peace of mind with RACQ vehicle inspections.

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Backed by RACQ

All vehicle inspections are conducted by one of Queensland’s most trusted automotive clubs, RACQ.

Tailored Services

Whatever your budget, RACQ have a service to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Reports

We give you a complete picture of the state of the vehicle for your peace of mind.

A comprehensive RACQ vehicle inspection will reveal any potentially serious faults in a used vehicle that a basic Safety Certificate inspection won’t identify, giving you a clearer indication of what you are purchasing.

A Range of Inspections

Regardless of the vehicle’s condition or your budget, RACQ conduct a range of vehicle inspections from master checks that canvas the history of the vehicle, through to lower cost spot checks that investigate specific issues such as brakes, steering or suspension.

You can rest assured knowing that a RACQ vehicle inspection utilises the latest diagnostic technology to assess any flaws and the repairs you are likely to require, compiling a report complete with photographs of areas needing attention which we can send to you via post, email or fax.

Secure your peace of mind today with a vehicle inspection; contact the RACQ team today by calling 131 905.