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Tyre repair & replacement

A flat tyre is one surprise that no one looks forward to, so a fast repair can be a real gift when you are left stranded. While your vehicle likely has a spare, a DIY replacement isn’t always necessary. Depending on the size and location of the damage, we may be able to repair your tyre at a price that won’t knock the air out of you.

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Fast Repairs

Depending on the damage, we can have you back on the road again in less than an hour.

Wide Range of Tyres

Our suppliers have a wide range of tyres to suit any vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

As an RACQ approved repairer, when you require roadside assistance, we’ll be there fast.

Regardless of what you drive, a puncture that occurs in the central tread with a depth of no less than 1.6mm can be fixed with a tyre repair. While the majority of punctures occur from objects like nails and screws creating damage less than 5mm in diameter; if the puncture is sizable or has occurred in the tyre’s shoulder or sidewall areas, it will need to be replaced.

Flats Fixed Fast

When you require a tyre repair, our expert tyre and auto repairs team will have you back on the road again fast. A timely repair is essential to seal the tyre’s casing and prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the casing or structure. As repairs are made from the inside of the tyre, we will need to deflate and remove your tyre from your wheel; this enables us to perform a full inspection of the damage and ensures that the plug used to repair the damage bonds properly to the tyre casing.

A tyre repair typically takes 30 minutes, which includes repairs, refitting and balancing the tyre on your wheel before having it fitted to your vehicle.

While we do not stock tyres at our workshop, if you do require a tyre replacement, we trust that you won’t need to wait long, as we use a local supplier that is stocked with a wide range of tyres to suit a range of vehicles from family cars, performance cars, 4WD’s and SUVs.

While a flat tyre is hard to predict, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of a flat occurring. Our tyre and auto technicians recommend that regular wheel and tyre maintenance be made to your car. We provide 3D wheel alignments to ensure that your vehicle handles the way it was intended while also helping to preserve the integrity of your tyres. In addition, we provide wheel rotation and balances to extend the life of your tyres and reduce the likelihood of punctures occurring.

Don’t wait for an emergency, if you haven’t serviced your tyres recently, speak to our team today.