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Clutch and brake service, repair and replacement

Your vehicle’s transmission and braking systems are crucial for your vehicle’s performance and for your safety. At Automotive Assist Service Centre, we’ll get you back in top gear with expert clutch repairs and replacements, and we’ll have you back on the move again fast with general brake servicing including computerised on car disc machining.

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Quality Parts

We stock high quality brake and clutch components to keep your car at peak performance.

Peace of Mind

We guarantee your brakes and clutch will feel as good as new, and we provide a 6 month, 10,000km parts warranty to back it up.

RACQ Approved

As an RACQ approved auto repair centre, you can rest assured knowing your car brakes and clutch receive the best care.

If you drive a manual car, the proper use of your clutch and gear-box are essential for driving safely, consuming fuel efficiently and avoiding an accident. If you notice your clutch slipping or if it is becoming increasingly difficult to change gears, a clutch repair may be needed. If left unattended, it won’t just hurt other components of your vehicle, it could hurt your wallet as well.

Get Back On The Move

Our top priority is your safety and we recommend regularly servicing your brakes and clutch. Hearing excessive noise when braking or changing gears is a key indicator of a brake or clutch issue, so don’t wait for excessive damage or an accident, speak to us today.

When it comes to a brake service, we use only the highest quality brake pads and brake components to ensure that your car maintains peak performance while keeping you and your passengers safe. A typical brake service will include a check of the disc brake and drum shoe wear levels, a pad replacement if necessary, an inspection of brake fluid levels and a complete road test to ensure performance.

For clutch repairs, as with most components of your vehicle, early detection can mean a minor repair rather than a full replacement. If you do require a replacement, we stock quality clutches which will have you back in top gear again fast.